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• 9/7/2015

Please, no more articles that have nothing to do with WordGirl. This means the celebrity article spam.

I created the Fanon Wiki so we could have a place for people to write their psuedo-fanfiction (read: false/troll edits) that is not the main wiki. However, some of the articles are not even tangentially related to WG (I would be fine if the article explicitly said that, for example, this person would influence something in Fair City or if they are a VA for a fanon character, but pretty much all of them don't), meaning that they...well, don't count as fanon characters. 

It takes literally no effort to copy-paste info of your fav celebrity from Wikipedia, and if people are going to make nonsensical articles AT LEAST I would like to see some creativity/effort.

For example, this is fine. This is not.

From now on, I may have to delete articles if the author cannot come up with a viable story of what the person has to do with WordGirl in 48 hours.

TL;DR This is a wiki for original characters, stories, and creativity; not copy-pasting info of random people from Wikipedia or some other source.

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