Glen Furlblam
Name Glen Furlblam
A/K/A Doctor Three-Brains
Gender Male
Occupation Sidekick of Doctor Two-Brains
Alignment Evil
Homeland Fair City
Race White
Friends Doctor Two-Brains
Unnamed Henchman
Voice Actor Brian Posehn

Doctor Three-Brains is a villain on the series WordGirl, voiced by Brian Posehn. He first appeared in the episode "Crime Takes a Holiday", when Doctor Two-Brains seeks a replacement villain to take over for him when he goes on a vacation cruise he won from Dairy Villains Monthly. Glen then shows up at the auditions and claims to be Two-Brains' number one fan. He then proceeds to claim he could improve Two-Brains' crimes, much to the villain's annoyance. Because Two-Brains did not feel that Glen was a competent replacement for him, due to his conceitedness and foolish ideas, he rejected Glen's audition.

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