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True Identity: Fuerta Fernandez

Villain Name: El Toro Bronce

Voice Actor: Benjamin Bratt

Species: Human (Formerly) Colchis/Spanish Fighting Bull

Occupation: Matador (Formerly) Villain


Fuerta was a famous but pompous Matador, who took the title as the Best Bullfighter in all of Spain; his iconic mark is a scar across his eye from his first bull fight when he was nine. When visiting Fair City, he was jealous of the attention WordGirl received an attempted to win back the spot light. During WordGirl’s battle against the Butcher at a museum, Fuerta attempted to meddle with the battle but was accidently knocked into a fire display called the Flame of the Colchis Bull.

The enchanted flame combined with the scar containing the traces of the first Spanish Bull he slayed, Fuerta was transformed into a large, bronze armored bull with super strength and the ability to breath fire. He immediately went after WordGirl and the Butcher, believing it was their faults that this curse befallen on him. Eventually, WordGirl managed to use his ego against him while Captain Huggy Face weakened him with a fire hydrant.

Despite his hatred towards WordGirl and belief he lost his human form, career, and fame due to her, he quickly took pride of his newfound strength. It didn’t take long before he received a new title as the Fair City’s Strongest Criminal. Similar to the way Tobey uses his robots to destroy cities, El Toro Bronce’s crimes center around causing destruction and mayhem; he will also try to prove he’s physically stronger than WordGirl.


  • Pyrokinesis
  • Super Strength (can surpass the strength of Birthday Girl and Tobey’s robots)
  • Enhanced Durability (due to Bronze armor)
  • Bovine physiology/communication
  • Horn Weaponry


  • Strength is nowhere near WordGirl’s (although he refuses to accept this)
  • Armor partially covers body
  • Anything bright Red (If he sees red, he’ll immediately charge towards that item)
  • Cameras (Won’t hesitate to pose for a photo)
  • Water and low temperatures