Hunter Throbheart
Hunter Throbheart
Name Hunter Throbheart
Gender Male
Age 10
Occupation Actor
Alignment Good
Homeland Fair City
Race White
Friends Becky
Voice Actor James Adomian
Hunter Throbheart is a minor character on the series WordGirl, voiced by James Adomian. He is a transfer student from England who got the part of Romeo in the play "Romeo and Juliet" during the episode "Becky and the Bard".

"Becky and the Bard" has been his only main role in an episode so far, when he got the role of Romeo in the school play, opposite Violet who was Juliet (Becky was Juliet's understudy). Although he did extremely well in rehearsal, he had stage fright and did not act in the real production.

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