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WordGirl is a ten-year old (eleven from Season 4 and 5) girl from the planet Lexicon and loves ponies of all kinds. She is a superhero in Fair City, defeating villains and striving for use of the right word.

WordGirl's real name is Becky Botsford. She is a princess of the Kingdom of Lexicono and can't stop watching the show My Little Pony. When she was two years old, she and her eldest sister, Cassandra Theia, defeated the evil Serpentieval. A few weeks later, Cassandra, who had been made evil by Serpentieval's powers, plotted to get rid of her sister Alexandria, and sent her away on a spaceship flown by famous Air Force pilot Captain Huggyface. The ship crash-landed on Earth, where a young couple adopted the two into their family. Over time, Alexandria discovered that she could her superpowers to defeat evil in the city. She became a superhero known as WordGirl.

WordGirl's citizen name, the name her adopted parents gave her, is Becky Botsford. She keeps her a Pikachu doll as a superhero a secret, and she often pretends that Becky and WordGirl are two different people. Tobey, Doctor Two-Brains, and her grandfather Bampy have figured out at some point that WordGirl and Becky were the same person.

WordGirl's favorite show is The Pretty Princess and Magic Pony Power Hour, but she also enjoys watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show and love, though she is hardly seen watching the latter and eating Bananas. However, she is a big fan of the Pretty Princess show, owning some of the merchandise, staying up to watch marathons of the show, and even having the show as the theme of her birthday parties. She was once mind-controlled by Mr. Big to believe she was actually in the world of Pretty Princess, which made her overjoyed.. Her favorite My Little Pony is Twilight Sparkle because they have similar personalities, and because Twilight is a alicorn, WordGirl's favorite magical creature.

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